Neuropsychological assessment is used to understand how the brain and nervous system affect the way in which a person functions in day-to-day life. Where there is known/suspected injury to the brain or nervous system (e.g. from stroke, head injury, brain haemorrhage, motor neurone disease etc) neuropsychological assessment identifies the effects of this condition on thinking, memory, emotion, and behaviour. Clarity Psychologists are trained in the use of neuropsychological assessment for people of different ages. Based on a comprehensive assessment, treatment programs for patients with neurological injury or disease are specifically tailored to each person’s unique needs. The goal of treatment is to maximize patients’ adjustment to persisting difficulties and improve functioning in everyday life.

Adjusting to neurological conditions can be an emotionally difficult time for the person as well as their family and loved ones. Supporting the person’s ‘supportive system’, be that a spouse, family, parent or staff team, is crucial to the maximising the potential of this work and we are able to offer a range of services to meet these needs.

We can offer:

  • Work with the Individual: Assessment including specialist neurological assessments and Therapy
  • Work with families: Therapy, psycho-education, joining staff/team meetings
  • Work with Staffing Teams: Training, Consultation, Reflective Practice, Telephone Consultation

Clarity Psychology is growing an outstanding reputation at working successfully with some of the most complex cases that requires our psychologists to take a clinical lead position in co-ordinating care.  Please contact us for more information about neuropsychology.