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Offering the highest quality neuropsychological and psychological services to help our clients achieve their goals. We believe that every individual deserves an exceptional quality of service, that is uniquely designed to meet their needs.

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Neuropsychological Therapy

Clarity Psychologists are highly experienced in supporting individuals with neurological injuries or illness, to adapt and achieve their goals as part of rehabilitation. Working with cognitive, emotional and behavioural difficulties, we use in depth understanding of the brain and mind to support recovery.

Psychological Therapy

We offer a range of evidence based talking therapies to help individuals understand their experiences and work towards recovery. At the heart of all our talking therapies is a commitment to developing compassionate relationship with our clients.


Clarity Psychology offers expert witness reports and mental capacity assessments. All our reports are based on detailed assessment and provide clear understanding of psychological and neuropsychological issues.

Other Services

Clarity psychology also offers a range of training and consultation to organisations and services. We aim to tailor our training and consultancy to ensure psychological principles enhance the services of our clients. For more information about how clarity psychology may be able to assist your organisation, please contact us via the contact section.

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The clarity psychology team of consultants have extensive experience in working with both psychological and neuropsychological difficulties. The core ethos of our team is to put the client at ease through a compassionate approach and we pride ourselves on developing excellent working relationships.

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Additional Services

South West

Autism Assessment & Support

We provide Autism Assessments using a gold standard tool, the ADOS 2. Every assessment involves two Clinical Psychologists to ensure reliable and robust diagnosis. Time and care is taken during the assessment and delivery of findings, to ensure a collaborative and meaningful experience.

Post diagnosis, we can provide individual and family work, and support other people important to that person, be that teachers or employers. Even if diagnosis for Autism is not met, we are able to provide recommendations and support, e.g. around social and communication difficulties.

We are able to start the assessment within 2-4 weeks of your first contact, and will guide you through every step of the assessment.

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Our psychologists cover a range of locations across the North East and South West of England. Please contact us for more details.

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